What are the best tips to help me get longer life out of my pool liner

  • After the pool holds water, always be aware of the water level in your pool. Detect and repair leaks as fast as possible, or you chance having to replace the pool liner, no matter how old it is.
  • Never pump the water out of your pool. If you do, the chances of having to replace the liner are great. If your pool is filthy dirty, do not pump the pool out. Clean it with chemicals and filtration.
  • Pool liners are fairly thin vinyl. They are not resistant to punctures. Try to eliminate situations that promote punctures.
  • Maintain your pool chemicals. A badly maintained  pool is bad for liners. The better you maintain your pool, the longer the liner will last.
  • I have pool liner that are more then 20 years old and then there are the ones that I replace every few years. It’s up to you to take care of your pool. Be careful.
  • Take care of your cover in the winter , pump water off the cover , watch out for large tree branches and leaves, be pro active