The balance between design excellence and rugged durability makes Heliocol the logical choice for any commercial application. Solar pool heating is ideal for resorts, swim clubs, hotels, military installations, major universities, hospitals, corporations and government venues.

Rapid Payback

Commercial systems typically pay for themselves in less than 3 years, are maintenance-free, require little additional maintenance cost and have a long life expectancy. On average, a 100-panel system will save 2,400 gallons of LP fuel per month while reducing caustic environmental pollutants.

The US Department of Energy states that commercial solar pool heating is the most effective application of renewable energy available today.

Warranty Leadership

Heliocol has been the leader in the solar industry by introducing unsurpassed commercial investment protection with warranties that include panels, labor, parts and freeze protection.

Professional Design and Installation

Experience and Certifications

Heliocol is the largest manufacturer of solar collectors in the world and they have been in continuous production since 1977. Heliocol was the first solar collector to receive ISO 9001 certification and has maintained that certification every year since 1998. Heliocol is also the only solar system certified with ISO 14001, which is more stringent and meets not only quality control standards, but environmental standards.