Opening & Closing

Trust the Opening and Closing of your swimming pool to us.  We will make sure all the proper steps are followed for a smooth transition during the seasons.  Our employees follow a checklist to insure that your pool is serviced correctly.

Pool Opening Checklist

  1. Removal of the winter cover
  2. Folding of the winter cover
  3. Connecting all filters and multi-ports
  4. Connecting all pumps and motors
  5. Installation of all wall fittings
  6. Installation of all ladders / hand rails
  7. Installation of skimmer baskets
  8. Test water add chemicals (extra)
  9. Start pool check operations

Pool Closing Checklist

  1. Test and Balance water before closing
  2. Disconnect Pump and Motor
  3. Remove or clean filter
  4. Remove all wall fittings
  5. Remove all ladders and hand rails
  6. Remove all skimmer baskets
  7. Install winter plugs in lines and in skimmers
  8. Lower water to proper winter level
  9. Empty all pool lines of water and add antifreeze
  10. Install winter cover